Wall of Courage

These are the Courageous People that have come forward to tell us about their bouts with Anxiety Disorder. If you would like to tell yours, please message me or send an email to anxzenity@gmail.com. All it takes is a pair of headphones/earbuds and Skype.

  1. Melissa from The Haunted Ride Podcast
  2. Leo from True Paranormal - The Podcast
  3. Kalvin from A Podcast About Something 
  4. Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast
  5. Andrea from the Two Scared Siblings Podcast
  6. Wren from the Two Scared Siblings Podcast
  7. Adrienne Nelson
  8. Cornell from The Talk Tank Podcast
  9. Michael Knoles
  10. Jennifer from 2 Girls Listening Podcast